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The blue Planet

The capital region has gotten a new tourist attraction in world class. On March 21st, the crown prince and his wife officially opened the Blue Planet in Kastrup. It is Northern Europe’s most modern aquarium with more than 20.000 fish spread out over 450 species. The architectonical highlight, which is place right next to the Oresund, is the successor of the Danish Aquarium in Charlottenlund, which after 73 years in service has become slightly outdated and small.

The construction of the 12.000 m2 large building has costed an estimated 700 million kroner which makes it the most expensive building in Denmark. It is divided into five distinct parts: the ocean aquarium, the coral reef, the African lakes, the Amazonian rain forest and the Faroese bird field. The building has a self-supporting water pipe system, that both pumps up water to the aquariums and also supplies the building’s cooling systems.

The architecture is inspired by the water’s whirlpools and the building is surrounded by a beautiful water basin. Through the main entrance, the guests enter the centre of the whirlpool, the round entree, and from here they can go towards the 53 aquariums that in total house more than 7 million liters of water. The building consists of five main „fingers“, which room one of the main parts each.

The ocean aquarium, the largest of its kind in the Blue Planet, gives you the great experience of seeing hammerhead sharks swim next to rays and moraines i four million liters crystal clear saltwater. Another large aquarium houses the coral reef with all the colorful fish and other sea animals that lives in and of the corals. And in the African lakes , you can in addition to the animals below the water surface also see birds and small crocodiles.

In addition to being one of Denmark’s leading tourist attractions, the Blue Planet also functions as an international research institute for marine biologists. The institute houses a number of water tanks that are not open to the public, but that provide the biologists with an outstanding possibility to conduct their research.

It only takes you 12 minutes by Metro from Kongens Nytorv to reach the Blue Planet which is located just next to the metro station called Kastrup. But otherwise as well – the building is hard not to see, because of its supreme location next to the Oresund bridge and the Copenhagen Airport.

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