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The biggest show of Europe

The largest music event of the world, the Eurovision Song Contest, is taking place in Malmö this year, only 25 minutes away from the Copenhagen Central Station. The semifinals are on the 14th and 16th of May, whereas there will be more than 100 million TV-viewers following the grand final show live from the Malmö Arena.

Sweden’s national TV-channel SVT, who is responsible for the event, has already pre-booked all hotels in Malmö to accommodate the delegations from the more than 40 participating countries. Everything is therefore sold out from the 1st until the 19th of May and this implies that the hotel and restaurant industry on this side of the sound may await some busy weeks when thousands of enthusiastic fans invade Sweden’s third largest city.

Wonderful Copenhagen is not in doubt that the Danish capital can look forward to a decent increase in tourist revenue in May. But even more important is the great branding value the ESC has for the entire metropolitan region. This may imply that more international events find their way to us – especially when the brand-new Copenhagen Arena will be ready in a couple of years.

The Danish ESC fans are also more than happy that the event is taking place so close to us. Many will be at the Malmö Arena to support the Danish participant Emmelie De Forest, and even more might just cross the sound to be part of the excitement. This is where it comes in particularly handy that the trains between Copenhagen and Malmö run all day (and night) long.

The choice of Malmö as this year’s site for the ESC has created some debate in Sweden. Almost everyone had expected the ESC to be hosted in the Friends Arena in Stockholm. But the new arena with space for 60,000 spectators was deselected in favour of the Malmö Arena, which has roughly a quarter of the capacity. This was among others in order to make sure the event was hosted in a place that was not to large, especially in terms of holding costs low.

But in Copenhagen we’re clearly on the bright side of the sund. Large events in Malmö have proven to have a great impact on the entire Øresund region.

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