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The celebration of Kierkegaard

Golden Days is a huge culture and history festival, which each year puts focus on a different historical period of time in Copenhagen. This year’s theme for the festival is Søren Kierkegaard, who can celebrate his 200th birthday. During the spring there will be heavy focus on the life of the Danish philosopher, as well as his works and era – first of all in his hometown Copenhagen, but also in other parts of the country and the world.

Everything culminates in May with a wide array of themed exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances, debates, events and much more here in Copenhagen. The actual birthday gets started with a special service in the cathedral. This will be followed by a special lecture in the university of Copenhagen, which will also host the international Kierkegaard congress.

The exhibition “Love’s deeds and subjects” will open on the same day in the town museum of Copenhagen, just a short walk away from the Savoy Hotel. It focuses on very personal and symbolic objects from Kierkegaard’s live, that have been donated to the museum in the past few years. The Nicolaj Art Museum has already opened its door for an exhibition of international contemporary artists, which all focus on Kierkegaard’s famous “Either – Or” from 1843.

This is just a small excerpt of all the arrangements that will take place in honour of his 200th birthday. There will also be a small lecture about Kierkegaard’s daily environment and guided tours to places that meant something to him, concerts with music that he liked to listen to and much more.

Last year’s topic were the 1950s, and the main age group of visitors was from 25 to 40 years. Many visitors were amazed by how the untraditional and intense presentation created to willingness to learn more. It was that feedback that was full of inspiration for the arrangers to dedicate a historical festival to one of the most difficult subjects possible – philosophy.

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