The building Løvenborg where you will find the Savoy Hotel, is designed by architect Anton Rosen, who is also known for Tuborg and Palace Hotel. The Art Nouveau building was completed in 1906 and delivered in 1985 under monument protection. Not only the impressive facade, by the way, the first of its kind in Denmark, one can recognize Anton Rosen decorative delight in detail. After a renovation in 1996 and a restoration in 2001, it became even more beautiful and more expressive forward in the road image. The building was once the very first in the whole of Denmark, which had a lift. Also on this day, more than 100 years later, the elevator is still fully functional and can be used by our guests.


Anton Rosen

Anton Rosen was born in 1859 in Horsens in Jutland. He was trained as a bricklayer, and came about the technical school in Copenhagen to Copenhagen Architecture School. He marked Copenhagen by many buildings, the most famous being Ørneapotheke in Vestergade, a water tower next to a former textile factory, and of course, Savoy Hotel in the building Løvenborg.