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Winter in Copenhagen

Once upon a time, the first months of the year were always marked with tight family budgets after the feasts in December and New Year’s resolutions. But since Copenhagen got its first winter festival two years ago, there’s much more to do and see in the cold season of the year, and provides both excitement and amusement for Copenhageners and visitors alike.

The third edition of the culture festival WonderCool starts on February 1st. Throughout February, Copenhagen will be marked by plenty arrangements within categories such as food, art, fashion, design, architecture and music. The goal with this initiative is do make February, which isn’t exactly known for its excitement, to a recurring part of the cultural year in Copenhagen, in a way that there is something going on in the Danish capital all year long.

WonderCool is being arranged by Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Danish Design Centre, Copenhagen Fashion Festival, Copenhagen Cooking, the rock festival FROST and Wonderful Copenhagen. This is the first time that there are so many active parties in a collaboration like this, which mixes fashion, design, jazz, rock and entertainment in a whole new manner. In total, there are more than 130 events going on in the winterly cold capital.

One of the biggest summer successes, the food festival Copenhagen Cooking, invites in its winter edition to for example the celebration of mussels. Copenhagen Fashion Festival sets its focus on music, fashion and identity, whereas the Danish Centre for Architecture arranges Sunday walks through the “forgotten” boroughs of Copenhagen. They will take the participants to e.g. the boroughs of Ørestad or North West.

FROST is a somehow different rock festival, where carefully selected Danish and international artists perform in specifically for this purpose chosen location in mostly untraditional settings. The aim is to use the cityscape as a playground where music, light and location unite in a higher unity. Jazz lovers can look forward to the festival WinterJazz, where music is a bit more mainstreamed and mostly takes place in more established locations.

The Capital Region’s three most well-known art museums, Louisiana, Arken and the Danish Art Museum are also part of WonderCool and throughout February they participate with free tours. Louisiana displayed as the first museum in the world a collation of Andy Warhol’s early paintings followed by the exhibition PopArtDesign, whereas Arken shows Carl-Henning Pedersen’s works, who would have turned 100 this year.

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